A world class production company based wherever the work is, because we’re viral. That’s right, we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. So, are we any good? That’s what you’re thinking right? If you’re taking the time to read this you’ve already decided that we’re amazing, probably because you met us. Lower Middle Class Productions is a massive organization with two people working for the company and countless others thinking about working for the company.

What about the work, right? Fine, we’ll talk about the work. Lower Middle Class is your slightly less classy production company that focuses on web video content, television shows, films, music videos, webisodes, slightly off color jokes, and laughs. Yep, we specialize in laughs.

This Just In:

Don’t Be A Victim – Episode 1 “Car Thief” from Lower Middle Class Productions on Vimeo.

Click around and stay a while. We think you’ll enjoy the samples of our original work posted on this site.


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